Rug Cleaning

Not all rugs are made the same.  

Rug construction, fiber content, dyes and condition are always different and have to be evaluated every time to get the best possible outcome. 


SaniCare Cleaning Process

We inspect each rug for damage, unstable dyes, stains, odors or other problems that may require special treatment.  Problems and concerns are noted and shared with the customer prior to starting the cleaning process.


Rugs are mechanically dusted to remove as much dry soil as possible.   


Stains, spots and odors are pre-treated if necessary to aid in their removal.


Cleaning agents and pre-treatments, specific to each rug's condition, are applied to the rug prior to a gentle agitation.   Rugs are then thoroughly flushed with a clear rinse to remove contaminants and residues. 


Water is mechanically removed from the rug and air dried in our heated dry room.


Once rugs are fully dry, each rug is examined, fringes are hand- cleaned, brushed and, if necessary, trimmed.   Rugs are vacuumed wrapped and ready for delivery or pick-up.















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Flushing Urine out of Rug.png
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