Carpet Cleaning Questions and Answers

Carpet and rugs are the largest filter in a home.  Soil brought in on the bottoms of your shoes and l in the air eventually settles on your floors.

What is soil in carpet?  Anything that has been deposited on/in carpet after manufacturing.

Carpet holds the soil until vacuumed or extracted to remove.  Regular vacuuming and periodic professional carpet extraction.

Soil Type.png

Carpet can hide large amounts of fine soil before it is visible to the human eye.

Carpet and rugs keep soil out of the air better than hard floors.  Fabrics hold soil, whereas, non-porous surfaces do not.

Spots that reappear after cleaning. 

  1. Spot returns quickly after moisture has evaporated and soil wicks to the surface of the carpet.  These are caused by not removing the

soil completely and it re-surfacing when drying.

  1. Spot returns after weeks or even months later in the same exact place.  These spots are caused by oily residue or sticky residue from

Cleaning solutions or sugars.




Why do some people recommend waiting to have your carpets cleaned until you absolutely have to?

 Mostly due to bad cleaning experiences.  The end result for carpet cleaning is appearances.  However, using the wrong cleaning solution or

 not properly rinsing out the cleaning solution can cause your carpets to re-soil faster due to residue being left behind to attract soil.