Grout Color Sealing

Grout Color Sealing creates an impenetrable barrier to soil and liquids and at the same time making the grout completely uniform in color.   Having a barrier makes clean up faster and easier since the porosity of the grout has been covered with a sealed color coating.  


In reality, not all grout cleans up to the appearance of when it was new.  Sometimes there are stains that simply do not come out 100% or it may only return back to 95% of its original color.


In addition, if you are tired of your grout color and just want a different look, grout coloring is a solution.


Grout coloring does have its cons.  Grout color is a coating and like any coating, it will eventually scratch and wear out and the original grout color will be exposed.   Color sealants remain 1-2 years before having to be reapplied.  And once you apply the new color, you can not completely strip it off.  You will have to keep coloring it approximately every 2 years.  

Available Sealant Colors

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