Grout Sealing

After SaniCare cleans your tile, you have a deep down clean, that you would like to keep clean for a longer period of time.


Grout is a form of concrete.  This means it has small holes or pores in the surface that provides places for debris and residue to accumulate.   


Sealed tile and grout resists staining and discoloration without changing the color or appearance of the tile or grout.  It is invisible, it is not a coating.


Sealing your tile and grout will reduce your cleaning by up to 50 percent. Sealing the surface means that clean up is faster and easier to wipe away dirt and debris without resorting to heavy scrubbing with harsh chemicals. 


We prefer to use a 511 solvent-based impregnator penetrating sealer because it penetrates the grout deeper, giving a more thorough protection


511 Impregnator Grout Sealer is on the USA Green Solvent listings.  Solvent sealers are however more expensive than water-based sealer.


Cost is floor sealing is between 30-40 cents per square foot.

Cost is .70-$1.00 per square foot for backsplashes, counters and shower and tub surrounds.



grout sealing.jpg