Leather Furniture Cleaning, Conditioning, Protecting

Not all leather furniture is the same, some leathers have pigmented dyes, others have analine dyes, some have acrylic finishes, wax finishes, and some have no finish to protect them.   We have been Cleaning, Conditioning, Protecting, and Dyeing furniture for 15 years.  Though it is not always possible to correct damage, we can substancialy improve its appearance and condition and protect it.  Please call us or email us a picture of damage and we can help give you options for restoration and maintenane.  

SaniCare, takes the guesswork out of cleaning and maintaining your fine leather furniture. To keep your leather furniture looking its best, we recommend that it be professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months.

Take care of your leather and it will last a lifetime….

Proper cleaning of leather furniture will help your furniture look great and last longer!

General Cleaning of Your Leather Furniture: For normal wear and tear, leather should be conditioned and cleaned every 6-12 months. This time frame may vary depending on use and exposure to sun light

and heat.

Spills and Spots: Wipe or blot excess liquid immediately with an absorbent cloth or sponge and let air dry for only a short time. Do not use soap or be to liberal with water as this may do more damage than good, specialy unprotected leathers.

DON’T use soap, household cleaning solvents, furniture polish, oils or ammonia to clean your leather furniture.  Leather furniture can last a lifetime with proper care and cleaning.

Leather Types and Finishes


Semi-Analine Leather Sofa - soft natural feel, finish needs to be conditioned regularly in New Mexico's dry climate.  If not cleaned and condition often (3-6 months finish dries up and refinishing and possible dyeing is necessary.

Protected Leather sofa.jpg

Protected Leather Sofa - Most common type of leather on furniture.  Not as soft as Analine and Semi-Analine but resists staining and easier to take care of.  Still needs cleaning and conditioning every 9-18 months.

natural suede sofa.jpg

Suede Leather Sofa - These have the best feel of all leather furniture, however they are the hardest to take care of since they are unprotected and the most porus, which means spills are oborbed deaper into  the leather, causing stains that are difficult if not impossible to remove.

Common Problems with Leather Furniture

1.   Household soils: greasy hands & body oil transferred to the head 
cushions and arm rests of the furniture and can cause damage to the 
finished surface.  That food spillage if not cleaned properly can quickly 
may become permanent stains.
2.  Atmospheric Soils Visualize the dust that builds up on a desk over 
a week's time. This same dust is being your furniture.
3.  Common Soils These soils are common dirt tracked in from outside 
by adults, kids, pets. They are dirt, sand, mud, grass  and fibers from 
4.  Pet Deposits: pet hairs and pet urination can cause serious health 
problem beside the unpleasant odors and hairs that stick to your 
clothes everywhere.

5.  Sun fading: direct UV sunlight cause loss of color.

Leather before and after.jpg
After Cleaning, Conditioning and Protecting.