Moth Repellent

Moth Repellent

Moths are notorious for destroying clothing and fabric and can also damage the fibers in area rugs. Moths are partial to wool and silk - two of the top fibers used to construct Oriental rugs and other fine rugs and textiles. Carpet Beetles and their larvae are more adventurous than moths.  Carpet Beetle larvae and adults feast on wool and silk area rugs.  Unlike adult moths who are not looking to make a snack out of your area rugs, adult Carpet Beetles will go from one rug to the next in their quest for a meal.  A Moth Repellent Treatment is one of SaniCare's many rug protection treatments, that will keep your rug protected from moth damage and in good condition.

How to Spot Moth Damage

When inspecting your area rug, pay close attention to check for bald spots in the pile. Delicate moth netting covering part of the rug’s surface can usually be seen in severe infestations. Another telltale sign indicating moth larvae damage is the presence of their grainy, light to dark brown excrement in the pile of the rug. You may actually spot the larvae, which are vermicular, white in color and smaller than half an inch in length, or you may spot an adult moth. The adult moth is small, less than half an inch long and is beige or light brown in color.

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