Rug Repairs

Types of Rug Repairs

There are several different types of rug repairs that can be done, and they range in price. Keep in mind that repairing Oriental rugs requires skill and is a labor-intensive process. The more detailed and time consuming the repair, the more costly it will be.


Replacing or repairing the edges of the rug by hand with overlying stitches to prevent unraveling is overcasting. The materials commonly used are wool, cotton, goat hair and silk.

Hand Serging Edges

Serged edge is a continues wrap of yarn that is sewn around a side cord of a rug.

Machine Serged Edge

Serging tape sewn on to sides.


A cloth binding is sewn on to the sides of the rug to prevent fraying. There are a variety of materials and color options.

Securing Edges

Re-attaching or replacing the side cords of a rug, and straightening the sides or corners of rugs that have a tendency to turn under and roll are fixed by securing the edges.

Fringe Repair

The fringe of the rug is extremely vulnerable and is often the first area in need of repairs because it can get caught in the vacuum cleaner or even eaten by your cat or dog. Fringe can be re-secured or the uneven portion can be pulled back through to prevent further knot loss.

Fringe Replacement

Old fringe is removed, and if necessary, new fringe is secured. There are a variety of types including cotton, silk, knotted and tassels, and they come in a variety of colors. We will help you choose what fits best with your rug.


This stretching process is used to correct rugs that are out of square or do not lie flat.


This treatment is costly and time consuming, and should only be done by a true expert rug weaver. It should also only be done if the value of rug justifies the expense. Pricing depends on scope of project.

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