Travertine Sealing

We use high grade penetrating (impregnating) solvent based sealers to seal your travertine surfaces. Their function is to absorb into the pores of the stone and fill them up. Tight pores help keep spills on the surface so they won’t soak in. Although penetrating sealers are not bulletproof, they are essential in keeping some acidic spills on the surface to prevent acids from eating away the underlying layers. This ensures the resulting etch or dull spot, can often be rehoned with the proper abrasives. Common liquids containing acids are citrus, vinegar, wine, soda, some perfumes and medicines.


While topcoat/surface sealers are appropriate for some types of natural stone, they ARE NOT RECOMMENDED for Travertine, Marble or Limestone.


Topcoat/surface sealers scratch and scuff much more easily than the stone itself. They will also flake, peel, and if applied too quickly can trap air bubbles and dirt underneath. This leads to a dirty hazy looking floor which most homeowners are unhappy within a short time.

Stone Penitrating Sealer.jpg
Travertine Floor Sealer Pealing.jpg